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Seattle jobs can be found on the many websites listed below, but we hate to see anyone spend ALL their search effort surfing the internet. If you can find an ad, so can a zillion other people! Using this work search strategy makes it difficult to stand out. Also, it can be demoralizing to apply for many posted positions and have your applications go into the black hole of the internet with absolutely no response back.

However, it is important to respond to advertised positions as one part of your search strategy:

1. Set up email search alerts using keywords that capture your best career skills. By letting technology do the work for you, it reduces your work. Our favorite site for this is

2. Set up a profile on and let recruiters and hiring managers find you.

3. Limit your online searching to a few hours per week. The rest of your search effort should be invested in activities involving HUMANS. This means participation in professional organizations and conferences, continuing education, and social events.

To find professional organizations and social networking opportunities, we recommend this awesome local networking guide.

Local Sites

CampusPoint - restricted to college students and recent graduates
Communicators and Marketers JobLine, Puget Sound - fee based
Craig's List
Curt Rosengren's High Tech Lists
IT Jobs (a Yahoo! group)
Job Search USA - Washington State
Puget Sound Business Journal
Puget Sound Help Wanted
SeattleBackPage-Classifieds website
Seattle (a Google group)
Seattle Times / NWJobs
Seattle Weekly
Washington Career Resources by
Washington Employment Web Pages - by Jerry Wattier
Washington Healthcare Careers
WorkSource Washington

If you want to research particular industries or organizations to discover their current hiring needs, one terrific source for research is:

InfoAdvantage E-Business Resources