Career & Professional Development
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Leadership & Team Services


Facilitation of workshops in the following subject areas, customized to the needs of your

- Effective Communication

- Managing Conflict

- Enhancing Communication Using MBTI

- Building Relationships using MBTI

- Effectively Leading Through Change

- Giving and Receiving Feedback

- Presenting Effectively

- Career Management for Individual Contributors

- Career Management for Leaders and Managers

- Specialty subjects as needed


Sometimes there are issues in teams that can be best resolved through a facilitated process. When teams are stuck, or experience tensions or blocks, a first step may be to gather data so we understand the issues, the group dynamics, as well as the unique culture and contexts that exist in your organization. This initial process can include:

- One-on-one interviews with sponsoring executive

- Data-gathering, which can include one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders

- Presenting summary and recommendations to sponsoring executive

Throughout, we partner with you to ensure the facilitation process helps you achieve your intended objective and outcome, as well as fosters, builds and strengthens relationships among team members.


Whether or not assessment tools are used is dependent on the nature of the engagement, and are rarely used independent of other services. Assessments we use can include:

- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®)

- Leadership Effectiveness 360 LEA®

- Lominger’s Leadership Architect

- I-Speak Your Language™

- Career Anchors

- Thomas Indicator Profile, Foundation Report

- Thomas Indicator Profile, Leader Report

- Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode

- Firo-B®

- Motivational Sketch™

In addition to these services, we are also able to provide customized leadership and team training programs and workshops to suit your individual needs.  Please contact us for more information.