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Assessment Tools

Selection of the specific assessments used is determined based on the client’s need and desired goal.

All of the below listed assessments are included in the Full Career Assessment.



An in-depth, one-on-one interview reviewing your work life going back to high school. The discussion uncovers patterns and themes to ‘how you do what you do’ that have contributed to your successes and satisfaction. These themes are then documented for you.



Choice 1: MBTI® Step I, 5 page report, and includes the book Do What You Are

After an in-depth discussion to help you determine your MBTI® Best Fit, this report provides a user-friendly overview of type preferences, and brief discussion of personality type and type development, as well as an extensive description of your 4-letter MBTI type. Using other material in combination with this report, you’ll receive valuable information for career development. Click here to view a Sample MBTI Step I Report.

Choice 2: MBTI®  Step II, 18 page report, and includes the book Do What You Are

The MBTI® Step II is a highly personalized narrative and graphic report that, in explores the 20 facets of your individual 4-letter MBTI type, for more in-depth understanding, as well as valuable information for your professional development.  An in-depth discussion to help you determine your MBTI® Best Fit is included as well. Click here to view a Sample MBTI Step II Report.



Questionnaire that will help you identify your Career Anchor, which encompasses your primary areas of competence, motives, and career values.


Using a card sort of 50 values, prioritize the top 5 to 7 values you hold, and evaluate their importance in the work you do.



Using this spreadsheet, uncover the patterns of the likes and dislikes in your career, as well as key things you’ve learned in each of your positions.



A checklist to help discern skills and capabilities you have that may be of value in other types of work. Included is an exercise on prioritizing those skills of most importance to you, and how they show up in the workplace.



This highly personalized 9-18 page report provides you with information on how your specific interests and preferences link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields. The report zeros in on the top 10 occupations potentially most satisfying to you, providing specifics on the typical work tasks associated with each job, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success. Click here to view a Sample Strong Interest Inventory Report.



A summary of your assessment learnings as they relate to potential opportunities.